Girls $1 Promotional 1st Box

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Standard box: 24.99
Big box: 35.99
Limited box: 1.00
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Q: What is a Girls Box?

  • This is a Monthly Subscription Box That Allows Users to Order Fully Customize pieces and sets. We Now Allow Users To Be Tha 1st in Line For All Of Our Hottest Items Before The Competition or Outside Shoppers. 
  • Enjoy the Luxury of Being Tha 1st on the List Before Anyone Else!
  • These items are apart of our Exclusive Box for our Customers to Get a Better Bang for their Buck. 
  • Anyone Can Join!
  • We May Add or Upgrade Items as Trends Change to Keep our Product Lines Updated.

Available Box Items!

  1. Cute Water Bottle (limited edition).
  2. Cute Travel Mug (limited edition).
  3. Women's T-shirt in White.
  4. White Crop Top.
  5. Black Crop Top.
  6. Heather Green Crop Top.
  7. Limited Collection Pink hoodie.
  8. Fluffy Pink Phone Case.
  9. Phone Chargeable Cosmetic Light up Mirror (charging cable, travel pouch, and instructions included).
  10. Optional Gift Cards and/or Store Discounts.

(We will contact you for phone types and size information)

$1 Dollar Sign Up

Perks of our Box

  • Get A Free Month Of 1st Box For Ordering Today!
  • All photos are possible items that YOU get to open! 
  • With higher plans, you get bigger prizes!
  • We love to add extra offers and many more girly prizes as we go along. Being Trendy is totally our thing! 
  • Don't Forget our optional Gift cards and Storewide discounts for exclusive members!
  • No More paying for shipping separately for each product!

$1 Dollar Sign Up

$1 Dollar Sign Up

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