Auto Clamping Wireless Car Phone Charger

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Q: What Is It?

A: This Is an Auto-Clamping Phone Charger For Your Car.

This product is Not Sold in Stores Yet, This Auto-Clamping Car Phone Charger is Fully Functional for iPhone and Smartphones. It Opens With Motion Sensing Technology and Uses the Weight of your Phone to Remain Closed.  You Want to Take Your Phone out? No Problem Just To Touch the Release Button Located on the back, and the Auto-Clamping Phone Charger Opens So You Can Release Your Phone!

Order Now So All Shipments Arrive In Time For The Holidays! ❄️And Time Is Running Out! Want to learn more? Check out what else it does!

Fast Charging
Easy Compatibility
Motion Sensing
Weightless Design
SMART Safety Features   

 You will get:

✔︎1 Wireless Car Charger

✔︎1 Air Vent Clip

✔︎1 Suction Mount (optional)

✔︎1 Micro USB Cable

✔︎1 User manual


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  • Uses


    This easy to use Wireless Fast Charger is perfect for your everyday driving needs. It includes gravity sensing technology that senses when you are ready to charge and automatically charges your phone just from placing it in the holder. Never be worried whether your navigation will steal your battery again when your phone is charging on the go! 


  • Technology


    This item is a very rare find, and cannot be found in stores. The newest technology gives it a sleek and presentable effect that will enhance the look of your car. Its high tech look is sure to impress, yes, but it is also a very universal holder. With a capacity of 360 degrees rotation and Trihedral phone gripping, you can securely watch your phone at whatever angle you like!

    Tip: On a road trip, display your child’s favorite movie in the horizontal rotation.


    Easy compatibility gives you the freedom to use whatever phone type you like. You can drive worry-free knowing that this product comes with a wireless charging receiver for iPhone, Samsung, LG, and Huawei smartphones. The easy to use technology also allows you to use the charging station with most phone cases- So you never have to worry about the hassle of removing your case. 


  • Installation and Smart Safety Features


    Installation is painless! You can instal it wherever you like including the air vent, windshield, dashboard, and window. The 2 in 1 functions combine most portable clip-on Phone mount with the latest wireless phone charging technology. These added safety features also protects against overheating and short circuits.

    The Perfect Holiday Present

    With the holidays on the horizon, you want to find those thoughtful gifts that really tell the important people in your life how much you love them. Beyond the generic cards and chocolates, why not invest in something that will make them more efficient and safer?

    The Auto Clamping Phone Charger is a great holiday present that will help all professionals, travelers, new drivers, and big families get from point A to point B safely. Oh yeah, and with charged phones!

    Q: What if my smartphone has a cover, like an Otterbox?
    A: It will still be able to charge the phone! You don’t even need to remove it.

    Q: What if my smartphone doesn't support wireless charging?
    A: It works with smartphones that support wireless charging.

    Q: Does The Charger have automatic clamping?
    A: We’ve worked hard to create technology that is seamless, convenient, and hands-free for you. Simply place your phone into the clamp and allow it to automatically grab the phone. It’s as easy as that.

    List of Specifications

    Product size: 12.3cm*7.3cm*2.1cm

    Material: vacuum plating

    Input voltage: 5 (V)

    Output voltage: 10 (V)

    Output current: 1500 (MA)

    Function: Fast Wireless Charging Phone Holder



    Quantity Started at 500.

    UPDATE: Due to a large increase in traffic, we’re currently running low on this product, so please hurry and place your order.

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