Here are a few things people have asked in the past and what we have answered. If this does not answer your question, please use our Contact Us Tab!

 How do I track my order?

- go to the sandwich drop down menu. Click "Track your order". Enter your tracking number or your email and order number. Then, you will see where your order is in the shipment process. If this is not working, you can also enter your tracking number when using the link below for more updated information.

What do I do if I need to make a return?

- Please refer to our Return Policy page for specific details. 

How do I get discounts and storewide deals?

-Make sure you sign up for our email newsletter and our monthly membership! This is where you will find all of our discounts and deals as well as new offers and products. If you purchase from our website you have automatically become a member eligible for exclusive storewide discounts and deals!

What should I know about is avidly dedicated to satisfying our customers in any way. We began in Denver, Colorado. Its employees are a comprised of a tight-knit group of experts in the digital marketing world, where they work with our founder and CEO to make a business that serves its customers. 

How long do I have to come back to an abandoned cart?

-You can come back at any time and purchase from your abandoned cart!

How do I find more information about the product I am buying?

-You can look at the product description drop down and find all of the information about your product including its brand, name, design, collection, design, materials, colors, uses and many other things. 

How do I navigate this website?

- Click on our Catalog tab at the top of the screen under our banner. Pick the collection you would like to see, and you will be directed to our product pages. You can also use our search bar to find specific products.

How will I know that you have received my order?

- When you enter your email during the order, you will receive a confirmation email that will allow you to view the order you placed, and let you know that we have fulfilled it! We will also send you a tracking number in a following email as soon as your order is ready to start transit.


What are my payment options?

- You can not pay with cash or checks on this website. You can use Credit, or Debit card. 

How do I place an order?

- Go to all of the products you can't wait to get! Then, click add to cart. In the Upper right-hand corner of the website page, there is a small blue icon that looks like a tote bag. It will have a small blue circle beside it with the number of products you added to your cart. Click it, and proceed to Check out!