About Us

We are TeamTropheaum or  ShopTeamT.com 

We seek to enrich the lives of all of our customers by offering a Value that can't be found anywhere elce. Our Mission is to continue to create opportunity to fill the void in the hearts of our customers. 

Founded in 2008 With Marcus Tha First and the TEAMMATES Team Tropheaum has made it a mission to go out and Kick Butt.

We saw a storm was coming from a mile away and we knew we had to be prepared in a way no one else was, we knew we had to kick some major butt. 

So Marcus Tha First & the TEAMMATES banded together roaring up for the Battle. 

It's All about the TEAMMATES

We offer a a focus on the individuals who get in because it really is about each and every TEAMMATE that invests their Time into becoming a member and a key player in the game. The TEAMMATES As well as all of our customers are very important people that's why we care so much for them.

They want to be Winners each alike and by putting on an article of our merchandise they Become Winners, That's Why They are called the TEAMMATES. And that Is why they don't loose because Winning isn't based on just dreaming it's based on Doing.