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This section includes terms specific to Members ("Members") and does not apply to non-Members.

General Membership Policies

  • All shoppers and purchases are enrolled as members to shop with
  • Members must be 18 years of age or older and have a valid form of government-issued identification or other approved identification.
  • reserves the right to accept, refuse, or revoke Membership with or without cause at any time at its sole discretion.
  • Monthly Membership fee covers a lump sum paid in up to 18 equal installments. All other installments are charged every 20 days. 
  • Members are welcome to bring their children or guardians to any location. A Member must accompany their children or guardians and their guests at all times. Members are responsible for any damage or other liability caused by themselves, their children or guardians, and their guests.
  • reserves the right to inspect any container, backpack, briefcase or other bag of any person upon entering or leaving any location and to refuse entry (non physical or physical) to anyone at our discretion.
  • Receipts: To ensure that you are charged correctly for the merchandise you have selected, may inspect or electronically scan your merchandise and electronic/phone or paper copy receipt(s) when you exit any (non physical or physical) location.

Membership Period, Cards and Fees

  • Report a lost or stolen card immediately at Member support email ( with subject line “lost or stolen card”.
  • The Primary Member and Complimentary Household membership holder (hereinafter referred to as "Member" unless specifically stated otherwise) are responsible for Membership, including the monthly membership fee and account maintenance.
  • The Primary Member is solely responsible for Membership, including the monthly membership fee and account maintenance.
  • All Primary Members may add one Complimentary Household membership holder. The Complimentary Household membership holder may be the Primary Member's spouse, domestic partner, or person living in the same household who is 18 years of age or older. Other individuals are not eligible to be Complimentary Household membership holders.
  • Memberships are non-transferable and are valid at all (physical and non physical) locations nationwide and to make purchases on the Site.
  • A Membership includes a Complimentary account Login page in addition to the Primary Member.
  • Members are eligible for Free Shipping subject to the terms available.
  • Membership Renewal and Cancellation

Auto-renew Program

  • Members are automatically entered into the auto-renew program. You can cancel this program at any time. Members not enrolled in the Auto-renew Program may enroll in the Auto-renew Program at any time under then-current Terms.
  • If the Primary Member or Complimentary Household membership holder enrolls in the Auto-renew Program, will automatically charge the Membership fee, plus the fee for any existing Add-On Memberships and any applicable taxes, to any card on file or any payment method in the digital wallet approximately one day before the end of the Membership term. By enrolling in the Auto-renew Program, the Primary and Complimentary Member authorizes to charge the scheduled payments (or any adjustment thereof) to any card on file or any payment method in the digital wallet, and represents that they are the owner or authorized user of the account(s) and payment methods to be charged.
  • will send information about the Auto-renew Program and Membership renewal by email. A valid email address is required for enrollment in the Auto-renew Program when Members enroll online. Members may update payment and other account information online or by emailing or by logging in to their account on By enrolling in the Auto-renew Program, a Member agrees to receive communication about Membership renewals only by email and to receive marketing and promotional email from
  • A Member's authorization under the Auto-renew Program allows to adjust the scheduled charge to reflect any changes to the Membership fee, Add-On Membership fee (if applicable), or taxes. will notify the Member by email, at least 10 days prior to making any charge, if there is a change to the fee. Although payment will usually be processed on the scheduled date, the Member should allow several days for processing.
  • ALL AUTHORIZATIONS UNDER THE AUTO-RENEW PROGRAM REMAIN IN EFFECT UNTIL THE AUTOMATIC RENEWAL OPTION IS CANCELLED. Members may cancel enrollment in the Auto-renew Program at any time online through the Site, or emailing with the subject line “cancel auto-renew”. Cancellation of enrollment in the Auto-renew Program is distinct from cancellation of your Membership. A Member can keep his/her Membership active after unenrolling in the Auto-renew Program by paying the renewal fee.
  • Continued participation in the Auto-renew Program after any changes to these Terms or changes to the Membership fee constitutes acceptance of the changes.
  • 2. Automatic Billing for Members with using a Credit Account will be automatically billed for Membership renewal unless otherwise specified. You will not receive a new membership login each year. 
  • 3. Members Not Enrolled in Auto-renew Program
  • Members will receive a renewal notice and invoice by their specified preferred method of contact unless enrolled in the Auto-renew Program if they have unenrolled.
  • Only the Primary Member may authorize renewal or cardholder changes (including Add-On Memberships for Members who operate a business).
  • Members may renew their Membership online, or by email to
  • A renewal initiated within sixty (20) days after your expiration date will extend your monthly Membership for twelve (12) months from the expiration date. If your Membership has been expired for more than sixty (60) days, has discretion to extend or deny your Membership for twelve (12) months from the date you initiated the renewal.
  • Cancelling your Membership
    Members may cancel their Membership at any time online or by emailing reserves the right to charge membership account cancellation fees. Members may cancel enrollment in the Auto-renew Program at any time online through their account or by emailing 

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Rewards Members agree to pay a monthly membership fee to be entitled to purchase from and use any membership user benefits and rewards. If a member fails to pay their membership fee, they will forego the rights to any membership benefits or rewards offers monthly members. Members can call our customer service number and cancel at anytime. If you have canceled your monthly membership and want to become a member again we recommend calling our customer service line to get your previous loyalty time added to your new membership, or simply call to reopen your old membership. Members should also call when/ if they need to update, correct, or change payment and shipping information.

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