Touching Down In Houston, Tha First Was Ready to do Big Things!

Touching Down In Houston, Marcus Tha First Was Ready to do Big Things!

Today Team Tropheaum and the rest of the Team had a connecting Flight with Marcus Tha First For a Meet up overseas. Tha First was always on top of the ball and ready for action! Even if the rest of us didn't know what it would get us into, but he was brave and it was kind of infectious. Bravery like his doesn't touch down on earth often. He had a certain talent for shattering expectation multiple times and then some. For him, he would always say "Do it, Do it first, and Do it Big!" Tha First never had the last place attitude because of that we all believed he was the one who was going somewhere. 

 If he was able to close the deal in Houston it would mean the whole Team was going to have a win, but if he didn't it would be back to the drawing board for another 6 months. This was the moment we were waiting for and Tha First had the world to prove! For the Denver native in a Big city, this was it win or lose!

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