Tha First Meets With Robert Smith!

Wednesday, Sept. 12

Tha first Meets With Robert Smith!

Here sitting down with the old Rabbit of Denver in Efforts to Get notices of the 30 over 30 tour, Marcus Tha First Sat down for a talk on Shop with a legend in Denver.

Yes, none the Less with Only Greats to impress Tha First had a chance to have the audience of a seasoned veteran, both an ex-marine and an ex CEO of a major company in the Denver Metro Area.

Knowing by Many Robert Smith was Former CEO of PRI and Orginal founder of the Colorado Flyers. To great Credit, Tha First Says, "Robert Smith is an inspiring individual with great stories to tell, he has lived a life that has impacted the community in many ways."

Tha First continues, "More importantly, I Still have a Colorado Flyers Mug to this Day! I remember Going to Track Meets way back when I was a kid and even though the flyers were a rival team they left a bold impact on a lot of the values I gained in my Life!"


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